H'Oprah Tried To Help, Now It's Up To The Lawd!

I'm almost sure this is what my little Boxtox'd beloved baby looked like when he was caught yet again...sigh


It seems Mikey was was arrested in possession of druuuuugs in the public bathroom-but this time he got off was let go with a 'caution' for possession of A & C Drugs. Mz. Faux Maya don't know what the difference iz between an A drug and a C drug...*shrugging my shouldas* source

An illegal drug is an illegal drug-don't matter what alphabet it begans with.

Seriously, George Michael is the British Robert Downey Jr (pre-sobriety) of H'Oprah's clique group of friends. It takes all kinds, pray tell.

H'Oprah has extended an invitation to Mikey to go to rehab more times than the gray hair on this ole lady's head! Y'all seen me-I'm white headed! lol

I digress beloveds. We love Mikey-but he'll have to give up the drugs when he's ready.

I'd sho' hate to add him ass a bad azz kid-but I will not hesitate to add him as a 'you know ur azz is too old bad azz kid!'


Get some help-resolve ur past issues and move forward!


Get it together, Mikey and take ur friend Amy with you!

Until next time: may your heart and soul stir as a pot of grits! For I am, f.k.a. Big MaMa


The Fake Frankie C. said...

That's how you do it!!!

Regina said...

Hey there! I'm just doing a drive by and will be back later to read this post! I have something for you at my spot!
Peace & Love!

ShAé - ShAé said...

That's a mess. Some of these celebrities seem like they are trying to kill themselves a little bit more each day.