Why Must My Soul Cry???

Hey babies!  Oh, Mz. Faux Maya had to get away and have some 'me-time!' 
ohhh lawdy!
I tell you, I travelled the chitlin' circuit just bcuz and I have neva eva seen chirren so mannerable in my entiiiiire life.
And then.
I come back home.
You know, in the past I've been hard on H'oprah for not wanting to fool around with ignant niccas, but after seeing this trash-I'm going to give H'Oprah '5 on the black-hand side' when she comes over tonight.
Mmmmhmmm oh yes I am.
I'm sorry babies, but Mz. Faux Maya has no room for decorum tonight, I'm going to get as my baby Bria likes to say, 'CRUNK.'
Oh chile, I am seriously considering renouncing my citizenship to go live with some Aborigines in Australia, write books, put shrimp on the barbie and go a couple of rounds with a 'Roo.
Anythang, and yes my beloveds I said ANYTHANG-is better
than coming home to my computer and seeing these mini-devils following the marching orders of an ignant she-devil.
Babies, if Mz. Faux Maya had a James Evans (from Good Times) leather belt- those pickaninny, BET, jailbound mini-heffas and that camera wielding hoodrat would have welts upside one and downside the other on their azzes!!

*fanning myself*
Lawd..why did u let these people take prayer outta school?
Lawd why did you let these street pharmacies intro crack into the neighborhoods?
Cuz these female devils are obviously suffering residual effects from that devilish crack cocaine!!
Oh help me to hold on lawd, HELP ME I pray to u!  I pray to U...I pray ...to U!!

 Babies, look at this video-and think about  Bill Cosby.
Beloveds this is the dirty laundry he's talking about.
Where's the soap and bleach, so I can clean these mini-heffas mouths out??
oh help me, lawd..help me!
watch the video beloveds...I feel a fast comin' on.

Until next time: may your heart and soul stir as a pot of grits! For I am,