Bad Azz Kids Aren't Born...They're Made!!!!

I'm tellin' H'Oprah, and Child Protective Services!

You trollops!

This is why are kids are called dirty laundry by Bill Cosby!

Father, cover that boy so that he doesn't grow up disrespectful towards women, and lookin' for hoes such as the heffa in the pic in Jesus' name...amen.

Absolutely shameful!




Nasty pedos!

Being around H'Oprah's hairstylist, D'Andre has taught me a few things about wigs, weaves, extensions and hairpieces. Is that hot drizzled mess (pic #1) wearing a lacefront braided wig? Thanks, Uknowudeadazzwrong!

Lord Bless that baby, bless him indeed!

Until next time: may your heart and soul stir as a pot of grits! For I am, f.k.a. Big MaMa


Regina said...

***shakes head sadly***

No words for this hot mess. This is what's wrong with America.

Thanks for coming by my spot! I had to lol at your comment, cause I loves Me some ice cream also!!

shae-shae said...

Come on! WTH!! These females need to be arrested for corrupting a minor. Then they'll wonder what went wrong when their son's are thrown out of school (and possibly arrested) for touching some little girl (that belongs to a parent like me) who's parents don't play that. Stupid is as stupid does and somewhere there are some stupid ass parents wreaking havoc on young unsuspected children.