Black Celebrity Kids...

You know?

I was downright sad, as I looked off of my porch-sippin' on my favorite drank, my Raspberry Mango Lemonade. mm mm mmm

I looked ova yonder, and I got plum down cuz I started to think on some things.

Such as, my Arthur will be kickin' and screamin' upon me directly once the cold weather steers around the corner.

Oh yes, it's painnnnful trying to get out of bed, but I presses my way. Yes lawdy, I presses my way.

I was also thinking how can I sneak outta town, without H'Oprah breathin' down my neck.

sigh smh

Well never you mind, I'll worry about that later.

I discovered a delightful sight, when my babygirl Bria was Twittering. It slips my mind that I have that devil may Twitter too.

I'll just wait for Bria to pass me twitter updates, but anyways...Bria told me about a delightful sight, that just makes my heart glad.

It's called Black Celebrity Kids

Ohhh chile, who knew famous black people had that many chirren??

One was eeeeenuf for me, chile.

But anyways, be a dear and check out that site.

It's kept up real nice, you'll like it.

I have to go and watch TVLand now.

Mama's Family's coming on.

I love you babies, I really do.

Until next time: may your heart and soul stir as a pot of grits! For I am, f.k.a. Big MaMa


Regina said...

I been through there. Nice site. Some cute kids on there ...and some not so cute!