I Believe That Chirren Are Our Future...DRESS THEM WELL and let them lead the way...

Let me, Mz. Faux Maya Angelou say this:


African American

Afro American


Hell, I'll even let you get away with calling me color'd on a good day.

Howeva, Mz. Faux heart is achin as she ask this question:


Have you eva heard Mz. Fauz Maya cuss a blue streak?

No you haven't.

And that is because I do not want to shame my heavenly Father.


I think in this instance, He definitely understands:

Why Lord? Why Lord?

It is NOT this chile's fault that it looks like her hair has multiple personalities.

It is also not this baby's fault that the beads in her originated n the 70's and the negro who braided her was waiting for an occasion to pull those beads out of her junk drawer.

It is ALSO not this baby's fault for having the petrified look on her face.

My people perish for lack of knowledge...smh

She is either A) scared of getting in trouble because she stood still for this picture.


B) she knows the cruel person who took this picture was going to post it online.

That poor baby looks like a 40 yr old woman in a 2yr old body.

See H'Oprah does not allow me to look at picture like these because of my heart. I can't take it.

I can't take it.

U know, Mz. Faux is gooooood at reading peoples.

I bet this chile looks EXACTLY like her mama.

I'm sorry babies, I'm upset and I must go pray for myself.

I must pray, NOW.

Until next time: may your heart and soul stir as a pot of grits! For I am, f.k.a. Big MaMa


Regina said...

That poor baby!

Faux Maya Angelou said...

Mz. Regina, I'd be well within my rights as an ole lady to snatch that po' baby up and outta harms way. bless her lil ole itty bitty witty heart.