Spokesperson for Bad Azz Kids Has What?!


My word.

Faux Maya goes away for a little while and comes back to all of this Mmm mmm mmmm

It seems our resident bad azz kid Kwame Kilpatrick,has accepted a plea-is what they call it-and won't be runnin' Detroit into the ground anymore.

Mz. Faux Maya remembers like yesterday how her and her cuz'n Junebug would go to Detroit every summer and just cut up a rug.


Ohhh those folks sho' knew how to party with their shiny shoes, and shiny hair, and shiny cars.

I would always say,' those folks are some shiny folks, friendly but shiny!'

well my baby Bria told me that boy is going to stop being mayor (he volunatarily sat himself down), says he's guilty of only 2 felonies not 10 (mz. faux will not judge lest i be judged), has to pay one million dollars (hold on let me see if i'm reading this print correctly. brb)

Yes ma'am, that boy has to pay $1 million dollars back to the city.

Now it's been awhile since Mz. Faux's been in school as a student, but didn't the city have to pay about 9x's that amount in lawsuits for that knuckle head?

He cannot run for anything for 5 years. Well I believe the likes of him shouldn't ever be able to run for anything unless he's running to the store for an emergency. source

Well I am not surprised at then news. Mama boys do not usually fare well on their own.

Kwame 'spose to go to court today and tell the judge he accepts his plead.

Why lookey there, I just saw pigs fly past my winda,


and it looks as if hell has finally frozen over.


Glory, Glory

Until next time: may your heart and soul stir as a pot of grits! For I am, f.k.a. Big MaMa


ShAé - ShAé said...

LMAO @ the pigs flying. Sadly, I can picture him in 2013 trying to run and saying, "Well Clarence Thomas got a second chance..." Ugh!